Mas Palleu

Rural life can be glimpsed from each corner of the cottage.

Different farm animals live on the property: hens in the hen run, next to the vacation cottage, ducks running on the hill, chickens, rabbits,... and, the cat and Rina, a friendly dog.

The house, on top of the hill and surrounded by the beechwood forest is a fantastic place if you want to switch off and walk, go by bike,... and breathe fresh air, far from big cities' pollution.

Mas Palleu's history

The cottage was bought in 1872 by Mrs Magdalena Roura Pubill and has subsequently been passed from generation to generation until present.

From 1990 onwards major renovations have occurred, resulting in a lot of improvements having been made.

The vacation cottage

The vacation cottage was built in 1928 and totally refurbished in 2007.

It is a fully-equipped house with and it has capacity for 6-7 people.

Beautiful views can be seen from the house's large windows, including Puig of Jordà's Volcano as well as cultivated fields and the beechwood forest.